Programs & Courses

SHOA Institute runs three lines of training leading to awards of certificate of Attendance, Certificates of Attainments and Diplomas. The former will be assessed based on improvement in skills and knowledge, participation in individual and group assignments as well as level of achievement of the objectives of the training. The accreditation therefore will be under-taken internally in most cases.

The latter, the award of Certificates of attainment and Diplomas, students will undertake professional examinations administered by Uganda Business and technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) SHOA Institute is accredited under No. UBB 157

The quality of trainees modular work especially for locally based certificate of Attendance will be controlled through re-assessment by external examiners to be appointed based on their level of professionalism in the subject matter. When trainees fail to achieve the overall pass mark, they will be permitted to re-do and be re-assessed by an appropriate set of new examiners.