Community Engagement

Relationship with prospective employers

Prospective employers of trainees from SHOA Institute require well trained persons who are reliable, hard working and professional in executing their duties. To that effect, all efforts are being made by the institute to promote collaboration within and outside the institute, especially the Hospitality Industry.

Responding to Emerging Training Dynamics

SHOA Institute uses the training curricula and syllabi approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The Institute will liaise with the National Curriculum development Centre (NCDC) in order to be current and/or continuously update its training programs professionally. Contacts are also being maintained with sister training Institutions for inter-industry collaboration and networking. The Institute is a member of Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutes (UGAPRIVI) a platform for addressing issues relevant in the promotion of vocational aspects of training.

At a local level, the district leaders of Teso sub-region will continue to be consulted on training matters in relation to their private sector practitioners human resource development needs